Retention & Expansion

Retention & Expansion

The County of Powhatan recognizes the important role that existing businesses play in the success of our local economy. The County has established a business retention and expansion (BR&E) project to support the growth and success of businesses in the County. Our goal is to provide information, resources, and programs to improve the business climate for existing businesses to facilitate their establishment and growth by:

  • Providing a single point of contact
  • Facilitating your project's development review and permit process.
  • Assist companies through the necessary regulatory requirements and approvals.
  • Help to identify appropriate contacts for local government departments.
  • Business Visitation Program

As part of the County's BR&E program, the County has established a business visitation program. This program provides the opportunity for the County and business executives to meet and discuss important issues to the business. The goals of the visits are to learn about the company, to discuss business objectives and challenges, identify programs and resources that may assist, and determine how the County can best improve the overall business climate.

Click here for the Existing Business Brochure

Scheduling a Visit

To schedule a business visit, please contact the Economic Development staff at or 804-598-5605.